Thursday, December 1, 2011

10 Rules for New Vegans

  1. Shake the soy milk carton
  2. Plan ahead, make a pot of beans but not a kettle
  3. Get a cast iron pan, take a multi-vitamin and look for foods high (normally or adapted) in iron and calcium.
  4. Learn to explain to your friends that no you don't even eat cheese.
  5. Learn to patiently explain to your friends that some times being able to eat cheese is not an inalienable right
  6. Do not try any vegan cheeses or other "analog" products until  you haven't eaten the "real thing" for at least a month. That way you can enjoy them without a direct comparison. Then get Dairya mozzarella shreds.
  7. Steer any restaurant meals toward Asian and Indian -- usually there is something delicious for you
  8. Make peace with plain baked potatoes, pasta with veggies and simple salads, that's often the choice at more mainstream restaurants.  Focus on your family and friends not the food.
  9. Try not to indulge in too much fried or processed food -- some is desireable, unavoidable or understandable, but too much will undo the good impacts of a vegan diet and make you the dreaded "French fry vegan"
  10. Develop a 10-second "elevator" speech about why you are vegan and practice it.  Somehow it will be everybody's business.  To save time and aggravation make it about your own needs. Anything else can feel threatening and you will often end up finding friends and family feeling threatened and create mutally defensive confrontations.  Unless of course, that's your goal, in which case go for the extremes.

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