Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hole Grain Goodness - Homemade Bagels

There is nothing explicitly non-vegan about bagels -- the classic ingredients are flour, yeast, malt, salt and water.

The problem is the trend is to add in everything from cheese to chocolate chips and then these classic East European breads lose their vegan status.  In addition, some recipes change up the dough to add in (horrors) - eggs, milk, margarine and other ingredients to make the bagel softer.

Please check out  the homemade bagel story on my main blog, Blog Appetit, for a good hands-on discussion, great recipe and maybe even some inspiration for making your own.  I ate mine slathered with homemade blueberry bourbon spice jam (thank you Jeanne for leaving me the jar) and non-dairy cream cheese.  If there had been any leftovers, I was planning on having a salt bagel covered with hummus, sliced red onion, cucumber and tomato.  Alas, all the bagels were eaten.  Guess I'll just have to make another batch.

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